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Ballot Measures

Measure 94 - Eliminates Mandatory Retirement Age for State Judges - YES

This is currently discriminatory, and really seems outdated. Regardless of age, anyone appropriately qualified can run and be elected by the people to serve as a judge.

Measure 95 - Allows Universities to Invest in Equities - YES

This will help keep tuition costs down, and benefits the universities as a whole.

Measure 96 - 1.5% of Lottery Funds to Veterans Services - YES

Although I have some concerns about which slice of the lottery pie this 1.5% will come from, there is no question that this is much needed. Particularly in the area of healthcare, we have been letting our veterans down.

Measure 97 - Tax Increase for Certain C-Corps - YES!!! emphatically

What happens when your legislature can't fix a broken tax code? The voters can. This is a smart measure that helps Oregon take a step toward tax fairness, and funds programs that have been in dire need for far too long. Oregon is dead last with the lowest corporate tax rates of any state. The result of this is low per student school funding, the third highest drop-out rate in the nation, and some of the largest class sizes. This situation will continue to get worse without this ballot measure. I could go on all day, but the information is out there. When in doubt, look at who is funding the arguments for and against. In this case we have the likes of small farmers, teachers, small businesses, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders FOR Measure 97, and Monsanto, Wells Fargo and Comcast AGAINST. I know which side I'm on, and it should be clear for you, too.

Measure 98 - Dedicates Lottery Funds for CTE, Drop-Out Prevention, and more - Update - YES, but please make sure 97 passes ALSO

Here's why: Everyone wants there to be funding to prevent drop-outs and to increase Career Technical Education. This is very much needed, and I completely support funding these things. However, Measure 98 will only be successful if Measure 97 ALSO passes. The way 98 is funded, there would be a risk of losing other education programs that currently have funding. The legislature gets to decide how this pool of education money gets distributed, but if there is no additional funding, and the funding for Measure 98 programs is mandated, then it means cutting the funding from something else. I would not want to be a legislator in that position - we need everything. I would rather pass 97 and have the ability to fund all of these things. Your input is welcome.

Measure 99 - Outdoor School for All - YES

Seems like a no brainer. What is nice about this one, is that the money comes from the slice of lottery dollars dedicated to economic development. Our legislators previously agreed that they wanted outdoor school for all, but they didn't fund it. There was also an inequity for more rural schools. This measure helps address that inequity by adding jobs for environmental educators, and enhancing camps all over the state. Schools that may have previously declined because they were too far away and it would cost too much, will now have camps and educators in their areas - whether they have 5 students or 500.

Measure 100 - Prohibiting the Sale of Certain Wildlife Species - YES

You might be thinking, 'Weren't we already doing this?'. Sort of, but there were some loop holes. There were several African species and endangered/threatened species whose parts were still able to come into the state. These will now be prohibited, and fines for those who do attempt to trade in these species.


President - Hillary Clinton

She wasn't my first choice; I wanted Bernie Sanders. However, the  moment Bernie was out of the race, she became my candidate. She is exceptionally well qualified, and I believe she will make an excellent President.

US Senator - Ron Wyden

He has been doing a great job for Oregon for many years. I absolutely do NOT agree with him on TPP, however. As far as all of the other candidates go, I still believe he is the best choice. Shanti Lewallen is one to watch for the future.

Governor - Kate Brown

I think she has been doing a great job, and I'm happy to support her continuing as Governor. She is smart and strong, but also considerate, and a good listener.

Attorney General - Ellen Rosenblum

Again, this is a smart woman who knows what she is doing in this position. I trust her.

State Treasurer - Tobias Read

Tobias is from my area and I've had the opportunity to see him and hear him speak regularly. This is a good step in his service career to Oregon.

Secretary of State - Brad Avakian

I know Brad to be a person of integrity and strong character. He is also extremely well qualified and experienced for this position.

Representative HD 29 - Susan McLain

In this case, I know both candidates and this is my House District. Susan is extremely smart and capable. One of her strengths is in communication and debate - I know she is standing up for us in Salem, and I trust her completely.

Representative HD 30 - Janeen Sollman

Janeen has been a long time public servant and she LISTENS. This is an important trait, to me, in a Representative. She will not forget her constituents - you can count on her.

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